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Panificio Palumbo between history and tradition

In the evocative setting of the ancient village of the city of Conversano, from the ancient heart of Puglia, between the hills of trulli and caves the specialties of the Palumbo oven are born. Panificio Palumbo is now a historical and consolidated reality: for over 50 years the tradition of bakers has been handed down to future generations from father to son until today. From the recovery of old knowledge, of ancient traditions and with the same wise hands of the past, Panificio Palumbo began a new path in the only direction of: Re-innovate tradition.

Always strong of a loyal and wide clientele, Palumbo today decides to devote itself to it with greater enthusiasm, while maintaining the quality of the products and the variety of the same. From today, in fact, the new plants will allow to expand production and bring the staff to full capacity so as to follow all stages of the production process in a capillary manner. The company operates in the production sector for the commercialization, wholesale and retail, of bread and focacce of all types and of bakery products in general. The raw materials used for the preparation of the various specialties arrive at the table at km 50, respecting the seasonality of the products and consequently offering products linked to the cycles of nature that follow one another in seasons and flavors.

The quality, the manual processes, the times of the bakery products of the past are taken up again, re-qualified, re-innovated to respond to an increasingly demanding clientele in the tastes and the times. Today the Palumbo are ambassadors of the great Apulian gastronomic tradition, now famous even beyond the national borders.

We re-innovate tradition

Attention to the quality, taste, good food and perfume of good: this is Panificio Palumbo. Even today the Mediterranean passion of the dough and of the hand-working, of the tomato and the oregano, of the grape jam and of the almonds are perpetuated, without ever renouncing that wood oven which is the secret of the goodness of the Palumbo products.

A goodness rewarded by consumers who today rediscover the culture of wheat and good at the table with healthy, light and quality food, features that make the Bakery one of the most important founders of the great gastronomic tradition of Bari and Puglia, enjoying great success even outside from national borders

Feeding the planet with genuineness means producing energy for life, this is what the typical Palumbo Bakery has always offered.

About us
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